The ship Dar Pomorza and ORP Błyskawica (1.3 km):

These are one of the most popular symbols in Gdynia. Not everyone knows that Dar Pomorza is also called the White Frigate. It is a three-masted school sailing ship purchased by the Pomeranian community in 1929 for the Maritime School in Gdynia. Since 1982 it has been permanently moored as a museum ship. When you go inside, you can feel its soul, learn about its fascinating history, see the cabins and engine room.

ORP Błyskawica has been moored at the Port of Gdynia as a museum ship since 1976. He participated in the activities of the Second World War, operating in the Atlantic, the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Then it served as the flagship of the Navy. It is the world's oldest surviving destroyer, it is a true zero-class monument among ships.

Stone Hill in Gdynia (1.8 km):

It is a vantage point presenting a beautiful panorama of the city. The view overlooks the port, Kościuszko Square and the Bay of Gdańsk. Situated in the center of Gdynia, it is a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can climb to the top by stairs or take the free 8-person cable car. The highest point is 52 m above sea level. There is a picturesque park around. In addition to the lookout point, Kamienna Góra is one of the most prestigious districts in Poland, and its buildings are largely made up of villas of famous artists and entrepreneurs. It's worth going for a walk there.

Klif and Pier in Orłowo (6.4 km):

Klif Orłowski is a steep sea shore of Kępa Redłowska extending to a length of 650 m. It is one of the most interesting places in terms of nature. It is divided into a dead part, covered with vegetation and safe to visit, and an active part, constantly exposed to the sea waves, which, washing the shore wall, destroy it. Every year the cliff gets colder by about one meter.

The Orłowo Pier is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the coast. Its history dates back to the First World War. It is about 180 m long, and while walking on its boards, we have a view not only of the Bay, but also of the entire Gdynia cliff.

Gdynia Aquarium (1.2 km):

Located at the end of Kościuszko Square in Gdynia. Since 2005, it has the status of a zoo. It will take us to the fascinating world of the deep sea. In total, they are inhabited by over 1,500 living organisms from 250 different species. Among them are really rare species, such as the freshwater stingray, giant octopus, demersal shark, red piranha, short-faced crocodile and the heaviest snake in the world - the green anaconda. Gdynia Aquarium is not only a presentation of fauna and flora related to the aquatic environment, but also spreading ecological awareness.

Gdynia city beach (900m):

It is a sandy beach with volleyball courts, a huge playground and a promenade with cafes and restaurants. It is located near Kościuszko Square, right behind the marina. It is wide, clean, has a gentle descent to the sea and warmer water than in other Tri-City bathing areas. It is guarded.